The Homeless and Chinese Buffet

Last Night Josh and some students from Brookwood went to serve dinner to some homeless people in downtown Greenville. It was pretty awesome to see kids get stretched and pulled away from their comfort zone. We gave them food, clothes, a service with a skit performed by some college folks from some university around town and just hung out with them. Its always interesting to see that the same things we struggle with:family, friends, worries are universal. But we got to go home to our very warm house with our very warm blankets and very full fridge. It is and always will be an awesome and humbling experience. And how should you end a night like that you ask: Chinese BuffetThen the night got very funny. First Josh thought he would play this game that is very popular in Taiwan called “Leave your lights on your truck even though someone tells you that you left them on and hope your truck battery dies” and He won!!! So we tried to jump his car off and although unsuccessful we were rejuvenated by the sheer hope of chinese food. We had to make it in before they closed. 5 minute drive time (or so I was told) we left 9:40 got there at 9:47 and when we walked inside instead of finding the normally delicious smells of sesame chicken, lo mein noodles, and egg rolls we found the grotesque picture of them cleaning up the buffet!!!We were shocked and dismayed but after some careful thought and reassuring from the people at the buffet we decided to eat anyway. There wasn’t much left on the buffet but they said they would cook whatever we wanted. I’m pretty sure they wanted to kill us and probably spit in our food multiple times but honestly it was the best chinese food I have ever imagined placing in my mouth. Great night!!! out 


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  1. I will never forget the look on those Chinese people’s faces. They were afraid, very afraid. We looked as if we were going to stab them with a fork unless they let us eat.

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