New Start

Well I haven’t written a blog in sometime and basically its because I am sort of in a major transition in my life right now. After praying and seeking God for 5 straight days with everything I had I knew that He wanted me to just pack up and move to SC. I got advice, I got counsel, I got scared, I got hopeful and all of these emotions balled into one mass that spilled over when I arrived in Greenville. I have never had a more beautiful moment in my life than having God say “J.C. you’re here, time to start over” No job is the main thing for me… for those of you that no me this is absolutely nothing like me. My ducks are always in a row and while I am spontaneous I would never do something as risky as this. I still don’t have a job and my car broke down after I finally got to where I am staying so needless to say it hasn’t been necessarily earth shattering blessing. But the small things are rocking my world. 

  •  I can see Kristen everyday!!!(if I could fill this entire page with ! it wouldn’t come close to how I feel about this.)
  • I get to be a part of student ministry again (again no amount of ! can express how I feel)
  • I got to do the game at Brookwood Church which I haven’t been in front of students for probably 5 or 6 months! It was awesome.
  • I know that God is preparing me for something and I can’t wait to see what it actually is.
Please continue to pray for me. There is no amount of prayer that is enough. I love all of you guys and I hope to see you all soon. I come back to Memphis on the weekend of the 9th so get ready for a party when I come back.
*Probably just hanging out because I am unemployed right now hehehe.

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  1. incredible journeys start with irreversible steps…….I heard a guy say this once……..kind of scary but you’re with some amazing people. I’m so excited to hear that you’re in GREENVILLE and to see what God has in store for you .

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