Update time again…

well here is the update on everything:

  • No job yet but still looking
  • UPS has an opening at a call center and that looks like the best possibility right now.
  • God has closed the door on several opportunities and for that I am thankful
  • He is in control and I understand and am waiting for His opportunity to come
  • Stacie is a national champion!!!
  • The University of Memphis won two national championships over this past weekend: One in Hip Hop Dance (not her) and one in the All Girls Division (that’s her).
  • She got a medal and will be receiving a championship ring soon….How cool is that?
  • In other Stacie news she also has tendinitis in her ankle and could have tore her tendon over the weekend but God protected her and I apologize for ever calling cheerleading not a sport. She holds girls on top of her shoulders plus runs and flips all on an injured ankle. That is amazing!
  • Look for her on ESPN on February 17th, which is also her birthday, huh.

Continue praying and I will continue to try and update you on everything.


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  1. thanks J.C. for the Stacie update!

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