Georgetown Game

well i went to the georgetown v. memphis game on saturday and honestly it was the best memphis sporting event i have ever been to competing closely with the last louisville game in football that we played.the crowd actually was loud and the house was packed and frankly we dominated georgetown in the second half. It was awesome.Now if only the girls that go would dress in blue instead of like they were going to the club it would be so much better. Also, still no job and I believe that God still wants me here for now and its just not time to leave for SC. I wish though but still am waiting on a job and God’s word for me to move. So please keep praying that I will listen and be active in God’s plan for my life. Next Saturday, versus Arizona 9pm. And for all you haters out there this will be our 3rd ranked team we’ve played this year. And there are still 3 more left on the schedule. And a good ole conference USA team might make it if they keep playing as well as they are so root for Houston so we can beat a decent conference USA team. out 


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  1. That was a great game. I wish I could have been there to watch it live. Memphis really impressed me and played really well together.

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