Well basically those that commented are on the same page as I am. Number one and the core of this doctrine that we must look at is the finality of salvation. Salvation cannot be lost. The only scriptures that suggest sanctification without salvation are those of the husband that lives with his Christian wife and is so close to salvation because of the example given by her. So first we know that our salvation cannot be lost there is too common a theme and too many verses to overcome to argue that point.And secondly we know that we must exemplify the qualities of Christ.And none of those qualities include sin.So we see the warnings against sin throughout the Bible and yet no example in the New Testament of someone falling into sin??? Where is the connection? Seems very interesting and that is where I will stop. I have learned that more importantly than finding the answer to this question is to pursue the course around the question itself? Maybe the answer will be of importance but strive to be Godly in every way possible and pray that God would have mercy on us as we grow and understand His world and the implications that we felt. After all God judges Christians on our actions “Where are yours geared towards?” acting for or in behalf of people’s needs and our Savior’s glory or finding how to feel better about one’s self instead of moving on in faith??? anyway sorry for such a long wait for such a simple answer… 


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