Memphis another victim of upsets?

So Kentucky who was scheduled to play Uconn if they just beat the scrubs lost last night to Gardner-Webb.

So another top ranked opponent that Memphis was probably going to play was beat. How can we beat the best if they lose to scrubs???

*We play in conf. USA blah blah blah*

#3 in the country because we are good and we will play tough out of conference teams. But we can’t help we are in a horrible conference. We went undefeated in conference last year and lost once the year before that in conference.

That’s what we’re supposed to do and we get penalized for it. It’s really a shame that Kentucky will probably get back into the top 25 even though they got beat by some scrubs.

When you beat scrubs you don’t play anybody, but when you lose to them if you are in a good conference, you just weren’t ready to play?

Keep doing what you’re doing tigers and let the haters hate and watch as they all fall in the tourney and watch us on their tv’s as the CUSA team gets in the Final Four and fights for a national championship.

 On a sidenote related to upsets. I saw a FedEx truck today on the Interstate… A UPS truck was way in front of it. Fed Ex will not catch up. Brown rules the Town.



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