so many things running through my head

so many things going on inside my head right now thought i would let you in on a few of them.

  • a little more than a month before im done with school and have a bachelor’s degree…but still no job.
  • so many decisions to make within the next 5-6 months all of which really depend on a job.
  • do i get involved in things with such a short time period left or do i wait?
  • peak season is ridiculous
  • lots of prayer and still am waiting. God must be in the middle of something…
  • football, football, football.
  • on the 28 of this month i will have been engaged for 7 months and its been pretty fun even though we see each other at the most one time a month.
  • on the 16th of next month will be 3.5 years together with Kristen and let me tell you that is just the beginning of many more to come and its very exciting.
  • I’m thinking i should run for pres. cuz everyone else that is reminds me of lard:Boring and you just really don’t know who they are or what they care about.
  • Halo 3 is still fun to me
  • Honestly i don’t think that i’m worried and i guess i shouldn’t be but it is beginning to be a little stressful

All in all this has been the busiest time of the year for me for the past three years. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Finals, Peak Season, Football, and Kristen’s bday. All of these in less than two months. Add on the pressure of graduation and the job and moving and houses and…well its a lot and I need to get some of it done so i can make it out alive.

But here is a clip I think will brighten your day:


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