The Job Search marches on…

So today I applied for two more jobs, I think that made 207 and 208 that I have applied for in Greenville, Sc. What did I apply for you ask? High School Principal and Athletic Director/Head Varsity Coach of a High School.

Can I do these things? Probably

Will I get the job? Probably Not.

Will I be dissapointed yet again? *sigh*….yeh



  1. I’ve just recently ended my 3 month job search…it’s painful isn’t it? Don’t you feel like a cheap hooker when you apply for jobs? I hate it. All the good jobs are already taken and are only being posted for HR logistics. All the crappy jobs don’t want you because you’re FAR to qualified for them. And the medocore jobs page horrible and make you work yourself to the bone.

    Good luck fine sir. Have comfort in knowing that there are many out there in your position, and many who were and have found great jobs 🙂

  2. I think you being a principal would be hilarious. I would have to visit your school and talk to the kids about some very funny things.

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