So many funny things

David Jacks and Jesse Moffat came over this weekend and it was fun to hang out all three of us again. I’m sorry i missed the concert (well not really not a huge fan of any of those bands but Fall Out Boy might have been good)

 But here are some funny things that either happened or I heard this weekend:

  1. A lady shut her finger in the door and a man asked her how bad it hurt and she says “I almost had kittens”
  2. Jesse and David love 3 and 4 year old pieces of candy if you put them together in a large jar.
  3. Me and Jesse discovered David’s love for something very interesting…
  4. Cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut is code word for Burnt pieces of bread with the wrong dipping sauce.
  5. A game designed for kids on the wii is really designed for college guys who have an affinity for playground games.
  6. USC lost hahahahahaha. Pete Carroll is going to be the GM and coach of the Chargers unless Norv turns it around watch and see.
  7. Memphis won hahahahahaha.
  8. Mr. Dave almost beat someone in fantasy football this week with 3 people on a bye.
  9. I thought about shooting a bird but not one in the wild, one in a cage, at my house.
  10. Memphis is not ranked #1 thanks for the motivation pollers.

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