Yesterday was great for me. If you know me I love preaching. Yesterday it was an incredible service for me. Seeing a church body care for one another and doing the right things is great. We pounded a family a few weeks ago and one of the things that Faith Baptist Church does is they always read the thank you cards that come in the mail. Honestly its nice knowing you made a difference. The pounding (giving people in need food items and household things and money is what a pounding is) allowed the family to keep their house. How incredible is that!!! We didn’t know that but God used faithful people doing what they can to save someone’s home!!

 But the preaching is a little different here. I’ve heard the pastor for a large part of my life and he preaches a different style than do most Southern Baptist preachers. I call it freelance preaching but honestly he takes a subject and uses related verses from the Old and New Testament to relate his points and show the continuity of the theme throughout the Bible.

Yesterday the message was geared towards storms. And he gave the old adage you are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or about to enter a storm. But instead of focusing on that He showed how God either gives you power, peace, or His presence to cause you to rise out of that.

Also when you look at the people in the New Testament with ailments how often are they so close to the solution… lame man near the pool of Bethesda, leper near the temple, etc. They are so close to healing but until someone either Jesus or usually Paul presents the relationship to them a change will never take place. No matter how close you are until you meet Jesus you won’t find a solution (look at the man who complimented His answer to the question in the temple by the Pharisees.)

 I need God to call me to a situation. I am praying that I would know what that situation is. I wish that I could come into a Joshua situation without the former leader dying of course. But more than anything I know that when that time comes God will call me to arise in power and follow Him in obedience.



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