Atheistic views are confusing to me…

I was talking with David the other day about how Atheists get upset if you mention God. Its very confusing to me. One of my employees is an atheist and if you mention God around him he gets very offended. Except for when I mention it.

Two things are interesting to me about this… One I don’t get offended by people when they mention Mohammed or Buddhism or even the fact that God doesn’t exist. It either makes me laugh or it just makes me feel very sorry for them and hope that the Holy Spirit will enlighten them.

Secondly, the guy at work and I have a relationship. I have built one. He won’t get offended at what I say because he knows me for who I am and what I believe. I am not in his face about things but he clearly knows where I stand. But its very interesting the impact that building true relationships with people can have.

I will try to blog more often but I’ve been kinda busy not too much but kinda busy with everything. Keep praying that God will open that specific door in SC and that it will happen like it is supposed to. Thanks for reading



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