Job Search

well FedEx wants me to work from 2-11 am!! Worst hours ever but sometimes you have to do what you have to do… but honestly I’m praying and hoping that UPS picks up the pace and offers me a sales rep job.

Speaking of that I talked to someone new from the Brown. Gwen Rawls is the head of the BD department (business development) and she hires people for the sales rep job. She works out of Columbia and I will work in Greenville. Its like Jackson,TN to Memphis basically is the same distance.

She told me that the Greenville market is large enough to need sales people very often and therefore I put in my resume and hopefully something will open up for me.

I know that I have been praying for a general job but honestly, very honestly, this is the job that I want. Please pray specifically that something will open up for me. I know that this blog is full of different topics but I try to be honest and open with my life and I need God to open a door, this door preferably. Please pray hard and continuously and God will work and I will respond.

 Thanks for reading and keeping up with my crazy life. Love you guys and let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.


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