Weird title huh? No typo just a little symbol. What does it mean? What does it illustrate?

 you hear at funerals alot about this little dash. It is the time between beginning of life and death. The life that we lived on this earth is illustrated by this very small symbol. This is just amazing to me.

How many of us does this dash tell the true story about? Is our life just considered a small symbol to those around you who mean the most? Are you making them better and are you bringing them closer to your Savior?

Does the dash represent you?

Or does your life represent more? Do you make an impact? Do you develop people and make a difference in their life that will last? What are we doing with the short dash that we have?

With Taylor Bradford’s death on campus I’ve thought alot about death and how short a life we really have and its no more true than when you see the very small dash on a tombstone.

Will people remember your hyphen or will it remain to them a symbol of lost time and lost opportunities?



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