My Halo 3 Adventure

So on tuesday i picked up my reserved copy of Halo 3 i brought it home but didn’t have enough time to play it cuz i had to go to work.

The entire night at work i was imagining the carnage that would be inflicted at my home as the game was on at my house that night.

So i finally got home was playing online for like 30 minutes and it froze. I was mad but honestly it has happened before so i just thought i would start the console over again.

Boy, was i wrong.

I went to eject the disc tray and it only came out half way. And my Halo 3 game was not inside the tray! I had to pull the tray further out tilt my 360 up and pull our my disc with some pliers.

It was toasted. It had a giant engraved ring on it with a little circle right next to the hole in the middle of the disc.

Unreadable and it was like that mini circle was winking at me in jest.

I was extremely ticked but i thought i would try and take it back knowing that the odds were against me.

But Gamestop in Millington took my receive and gave me a new copy. All my game purchases will now be made at Gamestop.

And now the killing ensues and the game is awesome but no I am not even close to very good but soon I will be and I will take on all challengers


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