How to Fix Memphis Football

There is definitely a problem with Memphis Football right now. To say that there is not is simply a lie and you are deceiving yourself. There is an issue with the stadium. The team got demollished by a program that has only been in existence since 1996. We play in Conference USA.

I wish that RC and Shirley would read this but I know that their lives are too busy for those of mere students with concerns about the well being of our University but I will give my take anyway.

Number 1: Make a run at a BCS conference. This is extremely easy to say and difficult to do. But the old adage you must spend money to make money still holds true today thanks to FCBE’s teachings I understand this. Make an investment in the program. Put your money where your mouth is. Academics are number one, agreed. However, do you think that OSU, OU, UT, UT, USC, UF, PSU, and LSU are hurting in the academic department? Do these schools bring in the needed money to provide their academic programs with the much needed facilities and benefits that they desire. Or will a lab bring in the money for every other area on campus that needs attention?

Number 2: In order to make this run we must have a successful program. Run a different kind of offense. We have done this with Tommy West but the problem is we failed at one position to recruit the player that we need. Quarterback. To run the spread you have to go with two options: one a mobile and athletic quarterback or one that can throw the ball anywhere and everywhere. We have had success with both. Danny Wimprine, remember him? He could easily throw the ball 40 yards through the air with ease. Maurice Avery, oh yeah that guy. He could run and run and run and he didn’t even need to pass the ball. Everyone would love to have Vince Young but those are unrealistic expectations. We CANNOT under any circumstances not recruit a quarterback that is uncapable of either one, Martin Hankins. We have an avg. of about 6’3″ height at wideout and we throw it to the shortest one on the shortest route possible? Why? Because our quarterback can’t make the throws.

 Number 3: An on campus stadium is not a necessity but upgrades on campus are. More space, more dorms, and heck buildings that don’t look 500 years old would be nice. Heck at least upgrade the stadium we have now

Recruit: “Lets look at the Locker Room Coach, I want to see the place I get to put my Jersey with my name on it and hang all of my highlight reel play pictures on.

Coach: “I’m sorry son we have to miss that part of the tour”

Recruit: “Why?”

Coach: “Our locker rooms are the equivalent of the shoe boxes you put your sandals in”

Recruit: “I don’t put my sandals in a box”

Coach: “Exactly”

Clear out the land on Patterson or on the other side by Zac Curlin. Take the old track out the Field house and anything else in the way. Promise the volleyball team a new facility when the funds become available and put one up. Spend money to make money.

While I’m on a tangent if academics are number one here, where are all of our alumni to build up their own academic programs? Where are those people at? Help everyone by making money in an area.

Number 4: Voice your concern to the people in charge. Don’t let the people that don’t even know Memphis has a football team talk to them or whisper in their ears. Do it yourself. If they have the students’ best interests in mind then they should listen to the students right? Or am I missing something? Let your voice be heard and come to the games. Regardless, of whether we are a powerhouse or not we should cheer our Tigers to victory. I will be there. You will see me. I will be wearing blue.

Football Team we love you guys and support you. We thank you for putting your health on the line so we can get our kicks every Saturday. I hope that you realize that your efforts are not in vain and that your University as well as your student body are behind you in every way.



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