My new area

It has been a little while since I talked to you about my current position. So i figured that I would take a little time out to let u know what’s going on.

I told you before that I took the new position for the challenge of meeting a goal that the building has never met before. It was difficult for us in the past because of a few things but i thought that I could get the guys to put out the effort needed to get the job done.

Basically the region’s goal was to bag 90% of all smalls that come through the building. We bagged on average around 85% so we weren’t far from this goal. I knew that i could get production up but it would cost some service errors but I thought I could take that risk. Well one and a half weeks after I moved areas the goal jumped from 90% to 93%!!

We couldn’t bag 90 before how in the world are we going to bag 93!! This is the attitude that my people had. Needless to say, a couple of days after this happened I had to write myself up(crazy huh u would think someone else would do it) for a problem that occured when I wasn’t even the supervisor of that area. I was ticked.

But God has used these things to bless me. It has taken about 2 months but for the past 6 days we have not only reached our goal of 93% but for the month of September we are bagging around 93.7%! We have sacrificed a few service errors but I am pumped that we have begun to meet this goal on a consistent basis.

I have also learned that God has called me to lead people. I have been gifted to lead. Some of you might be thinking… Man J.C. is stupid we could’ve told him that 2 years ago but it wouldn’t have mattered even if you had said it.

I know that I will not be satisfied, fully satisfied with a position unless it is leading people and seeing them succeed and grow. God has prepared me to lead now I am waiting for the who to lead. And that my friends is all I could ever ask for.

 I love all of you guys and please continue to pray for me and the path that God is leading me on.


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