I wonder…

Ever play the if game with yourself…

If i was 7 inches taller I could play basketball.

If i spent more time studying I would’ve aced that test.

If i spent more time with my family we probably wouldn’t have any problems at all.

If i would have read my Bible more I would have that word that I needed.

Why do we define ourselves by the if’s in our life. It seems to me that we waste so much time with the ifs and not enough with the are’s.

 I am waiting for God to come through right now and I feel helpless in a way but knowing that God has a plan for my life but knowing that right now all I can do is wait. I hope that you would continue to pray for me that I would be aware of God’s working and where the doors are being opened.

Thanks for reading this funny little thing and I hope that you will continue to read and follow me as I start to make an impact on this world.


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