Sunday Sunday Sunday

Well today was Sunday and i was pretty excited to just get into a church for the first time in a week.

 And the service today was awesome. Pastor Bob Lane was on fire today. He spoke on the death of Christ and all of the things that it entails: propitiation, justification, and anointing. Pretty awesome stuff. But the best part was that he said that Jesus was actually quoting Psalm 22 when He  said “My God, My God why have thou forsaken Me?”

Let me just suggest that right now you stop reading this and read Psalm 22 and imagine Jesus on the Cross saying this!! It is awesome.

Kristen, Football, and UPS were all on my mind today and so hopefully tomorrow i will here from the Brown and I am praying that it will be great news.

Regardless thanks to constant reminders from my awesome fiance God is in control and there is no room for stress or fear.

Man i love her.

Anyway continue to pray that I would get out of the way and that God would take control.

 Thanks for your prayers and for your thoughts. I am very thankful.

Also David, we will film soon but i wussed out today sorry bud maybe next weekend.



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