Conference USA for JR

yeah here is how Conference USA has performed against the “big boys”

UAB pushes FSU to the wire and FSU barely pulls out the win.

Marshall against West Virginia. Marshall dominates until Pat White and Steve Slaton turn it on in the second half.

Memphis outgains Ole Miss by 200 yards of offense. Commits 6 turnovers and loses on a dropped two point conversion pass.

Southern Mississippi is beating UT (ugh i can’t believe i even mentioned them in my blog) and UT pulls ahead at the end.

And ECU is playing Virginia Tech, their biggest game ever possibly because of the tragedy and everyone is pumped and united and ECU is dominating them pretty much the entire game and the Tech pulls ahead with a go ahead touchdown late in the game.

Overall 0-5 but what if these schools had the BCS money or any kind of a fair playing field. Well then i think we all know it would be a whole different ball game.

Miami lost like 14,000-3 by the way. you got whipped by the sooners. At least you guys can still hang out with your teammates at jail.




  1. Bottom line…0-5

    The ACC is very down this year and still went undefeated against Conf. USA. Don’t forget the Miami team that got beat by top 5 Oklahoma beat Marshall easily last week.

    I am not a conference supporter at all (like the disgusting SEC fans), but I do have to speak out when someone tries to stand up for such a funny conference.

  2. im with u jc…

    this post made me laugh much

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