Abortion yeah we talked about it

So we talked about abortion on tuesday and today my group had a presentation on the subject.

I’m going to be completely honest about the whole thing. I am so thankful that i go to a liberal arts school. I would never have the true opinions and real life examples if i went to a christian bible college or seminary school. People are real and they go through real things that affect their entire life and im glad that i get to experience those things.

 Now i will tell you some of the things that i think are important

  • 93% of abortions are because of inconvenience or just not wanting to have the child.
  • the largest religious sect in America having abortions is Protestant: 37%
  • “Born again Christians”: 23%
  • 1% of abortions are cases of rape: although this number is probably skewed because some women wouldn’t admit that they had an abortion
  • 6% are because of health issues with the mother that are a result of the pregnancy.

These are the stats but they don’t tell the story.  What if you or your daughter or your wife was raped. What would you do? If your wife or daughter would die giving birth what would your decision be?

 These are true things that happen. Honestly i’ve never thought of these situations in such a real light before this week. Their were two women in our class both had abortions. One regretted the decision the other didn’t regret it at all. Both were very young when they had the abortion.

Couple of things i realized

  1. character and beliefs are based on the decisions you make not on the what you say.
  2. Don’t judge people. It is hard to do but just look at the life that Jesus lived and follow The Example.
  3. Pray. there is so much that we need to pray for and we can’t cover it all but i know that i should be praying more.
  4. These issues are more complicated than i ever could’ve imagined.
  5. These things make me think of why abortion wasn’t covered in the Bible. Does God judge based on the rules and the acts or based on the condition of the heart. Easy to say but where is your heart really at?

I am so much better because of this week and I’m even more excited because next week is Euthanasia.


thanks for reading



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